Announcement and Call for Presentations

Workshop on Lithium Effects in Plasmas

A workshop on lithium conditioning will take place from Thursday, October 17th, 1996 to Friday, October 18th, 1996 at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory.


Lithium conditioning has proved to be a powerful technique for attaining enhanced performance regimes on TFTR. Mixed results have been obtained on other machines and the underlying physics and chemistry are not well understood.

The goal of the workshop is to bring together interested scientists from the fields of plasma-surface interactions and tokamak physics to share different perspectives on the technical issues involved and to stimulate ideas for experiments that will lead to a deeper understanding of the phenomenon.

Potential topics include:

Review of Li effects

Enhanced performance of TFTR plasmas through Li conditioning

Results for DIII-D, TdeV, Alcator C-Mod, Heliotron

Laboratory studies on lithium conditioning effects

Li/Carbon chemistry and physics

Effects of Li on plasma core; transport

Effects of Li on tritium retention

Effect of Li on transport of recycled deterium to the plasma core

Surface analysis tools available

Implications for experiments on current and futuremachines

Abstracts should be limited to 200 words and submitted to the Chairman, Program Committee ( (address below) by September 20, 1996; earlier submission will be appreciated. E-mail submission is preferred.

Informal presentations of work in progress are encouraged. There will be a significant fraction of time allocated for discussions.

Registration is due by September 20, 1996. Please register early.

Registration Fee: $20.00 (to cover the cost of refreshments, snacks, xerox copying of viewgraphs, summaries, etc.). Visitors from outside the US may pay at the Workshop.

A hotel list and foreign visitor authorization form to enter PPPL have been enclosed. Please contact the Chairman for further information.

Charles E. Bush Charles Skinner

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Accommodations and Travel Information

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Novotel 100 Independence Way, Princeton, NJ $70-80 3.0 miles

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The Forrestal Princeton Forrestal Center $89. 1.5 miles

at Princeton 100 College Road, Princeton, NJ 08540

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Nassau Inn Palmer Square, Princeton, NJ 08540 $80.00 4.0 miles

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If you need assistance in Hotel Reservations call:

Betty Carey at PPPL (609) 243-2646, Fax (609) 243-3248.

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Take the New Jersey Turnpike South to Exit #9. Then use U.S. Route #1 South for about 20 miles to the Princeton area.

Bus Service: There is frequent airport bus service to the Princeton area from the Newark Airport. Look for the Princeton Airporter booth at the Ground Transportation area of each terminal (for assistance in scheduling call 609-587-6600).

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All non-US Citizens: Please fill out the Visitor Authorization Form and mail or fax it back to Betty Carey, P.O. Box 451, Princeton, NJ 08543, or Fax 609-243-3248, by September 20. This will minimize the delay at the guard station.




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Charles Bush, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, P.O. Box 451, Princeton, NJ 08543, 609-243-3526, Fax 609-243-2665


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