TRANSP Production System


TR.DAT and TR.INF files are in $TRINF/<TOK>/<yy>

Basic Scripts

Note: tr_start and tr_send may be run from xtranspin
tr_start <runid> [tshare] [<pbs-queue>] 		
must be run from directory where Namelist is
creates MDSplus tree for input data
writes <runid>.REQUEST file
uses environments
  TR_EMAIL	       Your e-mail address	

  EDITOR	       Your favourite editor

                       NONE (for non-PPPL if not using mdsplus)
  MDS_TRANSP_TREE      (do NOT specify if PPPL user or nomdsplus)

tr_send  <runid> 
must be run from same directory as tr_start
	submits run to pppl pbs queue
	(for non-PPPL via globus-job-submit)

For non-PPPL, if not using mdsplus: <runid> <TOK> NOMDSPLUS tr_cleanup <runid> <tok> ------------------------- queues request to cleanup all traces of a run if the run is still active, it will be aborted tr_look <runid> [tok] [archive] --------------------------------- writes interim MDSplus output into TRLOOK_<TOK> on options: archive: for aborted and active runs archive run "as is" on final destination if the run is still active, it will be aborted nomdsplus: generate CDF file only ( in $LOOKDIR/<TOK>) If not PPPL: only use with archive tr_halt <runid> <tok> [t <time>] --------------------------------------------- suspend a run immediately, or at t = <time>

Steering a Run

This is disabled.

Monitor Runs

Looking at Output

Export a Run

To export a TRANSP run, you made at PPPL, to another Site, you run export_run to produce a tar file containing the mdsplus tree files, which you then can copy to the remote site. There will be site-specific rules, how to deal with it at the remote site. Very likely you need to assign a different runid/mdsplus-id. Currently this is only supported by GA.
  1. At PPPL:
        usage: export_run <runid> <tok> <year> [remote tree name]
        e.g: export_run 12345A01 d3d 94
             will produce /tmp/$USER/123450101.tar.gz
        e.g: export_run 12345A01 iter 06
             will produce /tmp/$USER/12e45A01.tar.gz
  2. Copy the tar file to the remote site, using scp or globus-url-copy.

  3. At remote site:

Import a Run

A TRANSP run made on another Site, that is accessible via MDSplus, can be imported to PPPL, but needs to be run from a privileged account.

Scripts for Experts

To overwrite PPPL settings,e.g. to use globus, send input as tar file, etc. use below scripts.
See also Available PPPL Tools for Grid Users