Eliot Feibush       efeibush@pppl.gov

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

Prior Work

Sarnoff Corporation, Princeton, NJ                         Member, Technical Staff    1995 - 2001


Developed JOVE, the Joint Operations Visualization Environment for situational awareness of a large number of military units in a large geographic area.   Developed tools and techniques for visualizing terrain, maps, imagery, and ocean areas. Trained and observed users of the system at military exercises, incorporated users feedback into new versions.

Developed movie player for multi-dimensional volumetric data of MEMs devices.  Written in Java as CORBA client to data server.

Reconstructed geometry (yellow) from images of MEMS devices.  Compared to actual design (black lines).

Designed and developed visualizations of terrain, geospatial features, and situational awareness on SGI Onyx2 IR2.
Researched and designed collaborative 3-D visualization system.
Co-authored proposal funded for Visual Correlation of Intelligence reports.
Developed user interface for touch screen display.
Scientific visualizations of volumetric data of MEMs devices, molecules, and medical images.
Developed cluster-based, high resolution display wall software.
Programmed in C++, Java/Java3D, CGI, HTML, Inventor for Unix, Linux, and Windows, client-server architecture, sockets.

Toshiba America MRI,  South San Francisco, CA         Software Engineer       1992 - 1995

The geometric outline of planned images is interactively positioned relative to 3 reference images.
The Graphic Locator is a visualization tool in a clinical MRI product.

Designed and developed the Graphic Locator for planning MRI acquisitions.
Programmed in C, GL graphics, with Motif user interface to X-Window system.
Integrated laser film recorders and video board with host system.

Digital Equipment Corp., Palo Alto, CA                               Consultant           1991 - 1992

Designed and developed 3-D geometric modeling and visualization system.
Programmed in C, GL, and Motif for X-Window system on Unix.

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill,  San Francisco, CA               Programmer         1987 - 1990

Designed and developed CAD rendering system, programmed in C for Unix with X-Window user interface.
Produced highly realistic images of architectural designs for client presentations, posters, books, and animated sequences.
Achieved color calibration between monitors and color plotters.

Kobra Graphics, Inc.,  San Francisco, CA                               Founder         1983 - 1987

Founded company specializing in graphics software and services.
Developed DISPLAY WORKBENCH, the first commercially available 3-D visualization toolkit for rendering complex objects and environments.
Ported software to Unix workstations, window systems, VAX/VMS, and MS-DOS.
Consulted to Visual Engineering, Intel, and Pyramid Technology Corp. on system integration of Kobra's software product.

Ikonas Graphics Systems/Adage, Inc.,  Raleigh, NC           Software Engineer          1982 - 1983

Developed Fortran application interface and microcode for AMD bit-slice processor in the high-performance graphics hardware manufactured by Ikonas.
Conducted training classes for customers in using hardware and writing microcode.
Developed benchmarks and demonstrations for trade shows.


Master of Science,  Program of Computer Graphics,  Cornell University, 1981    

   Thesis: A Geometric Input and Editing System for Architectural Design
    Minor:  Visual Perception in Psychology.

Bachelor of Architecture,  Cornell University, 1979

    Thesis: An Interactive Computer Graphics System for Synthesizing Textured Renderings of Architectural Designs
    Teaching Assistant - Structural Concepts in Architecture, 3 semesters.