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8.15 Find Corner Indices of List of Cells: to_corners3

Calling Sequence

to_corners3(list, nj, nk)


Convert an array of cell indices in an (ni-1)-by-(NJ-1)-by-(NK-1) logically rectangular grid of cells into the array of len(LIST)-by-2-by-2-by-2 cell corner indices in the corresponding ni-by-NJ-by-NK array of vertices. The algorithm used is described in section 9.4 "More slice3 details". Note that this computation in Yorick gives an absolute offset for each cell quantity in the grid. In Yorick it is legal to index a multidimensional array with an absolute offset. In Python it is not. However, an array can be flattened if necessary.

Other changes from Yorick were necessitated by row-major order and 0-origin indices, and of course the lack of Yorick array facilities.

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