Varification and Validation (VV) of energetic particle (EP) driven instabilities

Summarized by N.N. Gorelenkov (PPPL) for PEPSC project and for ITPA code benchmarking initiative

Here we document verification and validation of various cases computed with NOVA, GKM0 and other codes between
themselves and theory if possible.

1) simple linear benchmark cases
    We start with linear TAE n=1 problem, which shows good agreement between
    NOVA-K and a theory.
       - comparison with NOVA results is done by Y. Todo using MEGA code using the same
         slowing down distribution function to the one used in NOVA simulations.
       - comparison using TAEFL code is done by D. Spong.

    Another case is still linear TAE but for n=2, for which comparison is also good. 
       - comparison using TAEFL code is done by D. Spong.

2) "simple" nonlinear single mode saturation benchmark case.
     this case is described in this paper and is being updated for detailed documentation.
     Its initial version is set up in January 2009.
     - benchmark withHMGC code was also reported by S. Briguglio

4) theory VV is being reported in the following paper where NOVA equations were carefully analyzed and RSAE solution was found.

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3) most recent comparisons relevant to NOVA(-K) VV efforts were presented at the IAEA conferences:
S. Günter, D. Borba, A. Fasoli et al., Proceedings of the 23rd IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, Daejon, Korea, 2010, IAEA-CN-180/THW/P7-08. 
A. Könies, S. Briguglio, N.N. Gorelenkov et al., Proceedings of the 24th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, San Diego, USA, 2012, F1-CN-197/ITR/P1-34.