CEMM Project Meeting 28 October 2-6pm at Long Beach APS


Sunday October 28

S. C. Jardin, W. Park(PPPL), L. Sugiyama (MIT), Status and Issues in 2-fluid Equations ps or pdf

S. C. Jardin (PPPL), Status and Issues in Simulation of the Sawtooth ps or pdf

C. Sovinec (UW), Progress on Ideal Kink Benchmark ps or pdf

C. Sovinec (UW),NIMROD continuity code development ps or pdf

C. Sovinec (UW),Simulating extreme anisotropy without mesh alignment ps or pdf

T. Gianakon (LANL), Update of NTM work on DIII-D shot 86144 ps or pdf

E. Held (Utah State), Progress on CEL closures in NIMROD pdf

H. Strauss (NYU), M3D development and some new applications to NSTX and Stellarators ps or pdf

J. Breslau (PPPL), M3D simulation of axisymmetric sawteeth in JET pdf

D. Schissel, et. al., MDSplus, Web Interface, visualization, GUI pdf

S. C. Jardin (PPPL), Discussion of CEMM Thrusts ps or pdf


Next Meeting will be April 24-26, in conjunction with the Sherwood Conference 2002, which is April 22-24 in Rochester, NY:



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