CEMM Project Meeting 10 November 2002 2-6pm at Orlando APS


S. C. Jardin (PPPL), General SciDAC and CEMM News

J. Breslau (PPPL), CDX-U M3D result

D. Schnack (SAIC), CDX-U NIMROD result

R. Samtaney (PPPL), Adaptive Mesh Refinement MHD

G. Fu (PPPL), Hybrid M3D calculations

S.Parker (U.Colorado), Energetic Particles in NIMROD

W.Park (PPPL), M3D Simulation Studies of NSTX

L.Sugiyama(MIT)/W.Park, Two-Fluid Applications

H.Strauss(NYU)/S.Jardin, Resistive Wall Boundary Conditions and VDEs

C. Sovinec (U.Wisc), ST startup and other applications

S. C. Jardin (PPPL), Summary and Action Items


Next Meeting will be in conjunction with the Sherwood Conference 2003, on 27 April 2003 from 2:00 - 6:00:



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