CEMM Project Meeting April 27 2003

in conjunction with the Sherwood 2003 Fusion Theory Meeting

Corpus Christi, TX: April 28-30


Jardin: Summary of Recent CEMM SciDAC activities

Schnack and Kruger: Preliminary results of simulation of a sawtooth crash in CDX-U [using NIMROD] with q(0)=0.98

Breslau: Progress of Sawtooth Studies with M3D

Fu: Energetic Particles Test Problems

Kim: Energetic Particles in NIMROD

Samtaney: Initial results using AMR on pellet injection problem

Park: Beta effects on the current hole

Held: Neoclassical Tearing Modes Simulations with Integral Heat Flow Closures

Sovinec: Numerical Analysis studies in NIMROD

Kruger: [Free boundary] Simulation of a High-beta Disruption in DIII-D Shot #87009

Strauss: Free boundary calculations with M3D

Sugiyama: 2-fluid stabilization of Stellarators

Glasser: Progress on Spectral Element Code


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