CEMM Project Meeting May 3 2009

in conjunction with the Sherwood 2009 Fusion Theory Meeting

Denver, CO


A. Glasser: Scalable Solvers

S. Li: Update on TOPS/CEMM SAP

C. Sovinec: Newton-Krylov solves in NIMROD

B. Squires Linear benchmarking of NIMROD for peeling/ballooning

N. Ferraro: Update and Linear Stability results with M3D-C1

V. Izzo: Update on time-dependent RMP fields in NIMROD

J. Breslau: Error field update

M. Chance: The Vacuum Calculation

L. Sugiyama: ELM Simulations with M3D

H. Strauss: Disruptions forces in ITER

T. Jenkins: SWIM Slow MHD update

J. Ramos: Gyroviscosity effects on non-diffusive equilibria with flow

J. Callen: Simulating plasma flows in tokamaks


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