CEMM Meeting 3 April 2016

Madison, WI

In Conjunction with the Sherwood Meeting

King: Effect of scrape-off layer currents on reconstructed tokamak equilibrium

Lyons: M3D-C1 simulation of plasma response to external 3D fields

Held: Progress and Plans for Continuum kinetics in NIMROD

Howell: Extended MHD internal Kink benchmarking

Ahn: Nonlinear Dynamics of compound sawteeeth

Beidler: Forced Magnetic Reconnection Modeling wth NIMROD

Callen: Forced Magnetic Reconnection in Tokamaks

Ferraro: Recent developments in M3D-C1

Zhu: Progress on JA-2 benchmark and suggested extensions

Sugiyama: Solar loops and other topics

Izzo: MGI with pre-existing islands

Jardin: Updates on milestones and test problems

Sovinec: Disruption Modeling Discussion


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