Update: The WOPA Report Was Presented at NSF Headquarters on September 23, 2011. (slides used)

Update: The WOPA Report Was Presented at NASA Headquarters on April 13, 2011. (slides used)

Update: The WOPA Report Was Presented at DoE FESAC (Fusion Energy Sciences Advisory Committee) Meeting on March 8, 2011 (slides used, meeting videos)
The Workshop Report Has Been Released!
(High-quality printed copies can be requested by sending email here)

Click the image below to view the updated and final low-resolution online version. (The print-quality version can be download here.) Ten major questions have been identified.

Revised draft after the workshop by 10 working groups:

    Chapter 1. Magnetic Reconnection ("final" draft)
    Chapter 2. Collisionless Shock and Particle Acceleration ("final" draft)
    Chapter 3. Waves and Turbulence ("final" draft)
    Chapter 4. Magnetic Dynamo ("final" draft)
    Chapter 5. Interfacial and Shear Instabilities ("final" draft)
    Chapter 6. Momentum Transport ("final" draft)
    Chapter 7. Dusty Plasmas ("final" draft)
    Chapter 8. Radiative Hydrodynamics ("final" draft)
    Chapter 9. Relativistic, Ultra-strongly Magentized, and Pair Plasmas ("final" draft)
    Chapter 10. Jets and Outflow Including Structure Formation ("final" draft)

The Workshop Agenda (with links to all talk slides)

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