MATDSCPACK = "dscpack" - A matrix type providing direct solvers (Cholesky) for sequential or distributed matrices via the external package DSCPACK. If DSCPACK is installed (see the manual for instructions on how to declare the existence of external packages), a matrix type can be constructed which invokes DSCPACK solvers. After calling MatCreate(...,A), simply call MatSetType(A,MATDSCPACK). This matrix type is only supported for double precision real.

This matrix inherits from MATSEQBAIJ if constructed with a single process communicator, and from MATMPIBAIJ otherwise. As a result, for sequential matrices, MatSeqBAIJSetPreallocation is supported, and similarly MatMPIBAIJSetPreallocation is supported for distributed matrices. It is recommended that you call both of the above preallocation routines for simplicity. Also, MatConvert can be called to perform inplace conversion to and from MATSEQBAIJ or MATMPIBAIJ for sequential or distributed matrices respectively.

Options Database Keys

-mat_type dscpack - sets the matrix type to dscpack during a call to MatSetFromOptions()
-mat_dscpack_order <1,2,3> - DSCPACK ordering, 1:ND, 2:Hybrid with Minimum Degree, 3:Hybrid with Minimum Deficiency
-mat_dscpack_scheme <1,2> - factorization scheme, 1:standard factorization, 2: factorization with selective inversion
-mat_dscpack_factor <LLT,LDLT> - the type of factorization to be performed.
-mat_dscpack_MaxMemAllowed <n> - the maximum memory to be used during factorization
-mat_dscpack_stats <0,1> - display stats of the factorization and solves during MatDestroy(), 0: no display, 1: display
-mat_dscpack_LBLAS <LBLAS1,LBLAS2,LBLAS3> - BLAS level used in the local phase
-mat_dscpack_DBLAS <DBLAS1,DBLAS2> - BLAS level used in the distributed phase

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