Newton based nonlinear solver that uses a line search

Options Database

-snes_ls [cubic,quadratic,basic,basicnonorms] - Selects line search
-snes_ls_alpha <alpha> - Sets alpha
-snes_ls_maxstep <max> - Sets maxstep
-snes_ls_steptol <steptol> - Sets steptol, this is the minimum step size that the line search code will accept; min p[i]/x[i] < steptol. The -snes_stol <stol> is the minimum step length the default convergence test will use and is based on 2-norm(p) < stol*2-norm(x)

Notes: This is the default nonlinear solver in SNES

See Also

SNESCreate(), SNES, SNESSetType(), SNESTR, SNESLineSearchSet(),
SNESLineSearchSetPostCheck(), SNESLineSearchNo(), SNESLineSearchCubic(), SNESLineSearchQuadratic(), SNESLineSearchSet(), SNESLineSearchNoNorms(), SNESLineSearchSetPreCheck()

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