Sets the line search routine to be used by the method SNESLS.


PetscErrorCode PETSCSNES_DLLEXPORT SNESLineSearchSet(SNES snes,PetscErrorCode (*func)(SNES,void*,Vec,Vec,Vec,Vec,Vec,PetscReal,PetscReal*,PetscReal*,PetscTruth*),void *lsctx)

Input Parameters

snes - nonlinear context obtained from SNESCreate()
lsctx - optional user-defined context for use by line search
func - pointer to int function

Collective on SNES

Available Routines

SNESLineSearchCubic() - default line search
SNESLineSearchQuadratic() - quadratic line search
SNESLineSearchNo() - the full Newton step (actually not a line search)
SNESLineSearchNoNorms() - the full Newton step (calculating no norms; faster in parallel)

Options Database Keys

-snes_ls [cubic,quadratic,basic,basicnonorms] - Selects line search
-snes_ls_alpha <alpha> - Sets alpha
-snes_ls_maxstep <max> - Sets maxstep
-snes_ls_steptol <steptol> - Sets steptol, this is the minimum step size that the line search code will accept; min p[i]/x[i] < steptol. The -snes_stol <stol> is the minimum step length the default convergence test will use and is based on 2-norm(p) < stol*2-norm(x)

Calling sequence of func

   func (SNES snes,void *lsctx,Vec x,Vec f,Vec g,Vec y,Vec w,
         PetscReal fnorm,PetscReal *ynorm,PetscReal *gnorm,PetscTruth *flag)

Input parameters for func

snes - nonlinear context
lsctx - optional user-defined context for line search
x - current iterate
f - residual evaluated at x
y - search direction
w - work vector
fnorm - 2-norm of f

Output parameters for func

g - residual evaluated at new iterate y
w - new iterate
gnorm - 2-norm of g
ynorm - 2-norm of search length
flag - set to PETSC_TRUE if the line search succeeds; PETSC_FALSE on failure.


SNES, nonlinear, set, line search, routine

See Also

SNESLineSearchCubic(), SNESLineSearchQuadratic(), SNESLineSearchNo(), SNESLineSearchNoNorms(),
SNESLineSearchSetPostCheck(), SNESLineSearchSetParams(), SNESLineSearchGetParams(), SNESLineSearchSetPreCheck()

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