This routine is not a line search at all; it simply uses the full Newton step. Thus, this routine is intended to serve as a template and is not recommended for general use.


PetscErrorCode PETSCSNES_DLLEXPORT SNESLineSearchNo(SNES snes,void *lsctx,Vec x,Vec f,Vec g,Vec y,Vec w,PetscReal fnorm,PetscReal *ynorm,PetscReal *gnorm,PetscTruth *flag)
Collective on SNES and Vec

Input Parameters

snes - nonlinear context
lsctx - optional context for line search (not used here)
x - current iterate
f - residual evaluated at x
y - search direction
w - work vector
fnorm - 2-norm of f

Output Parameters

g - residual evaluated at new iterate y
w - new iterate
gnorm - 2-norm of g
ynorm - 2-norm of search length
flag - PETSC_TRUE on success, PETSC_FALSE on failure

Options Database Key

-snes_ls basic -Activates SNESLineSearchNo()


SNES, nonlinear, line search, cubic

See Also

SNESLineSearchCubic(), SNESLineSearchQuadratic(),
SNESLineSearchSet(), SNESLineSearchNoNorms()

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