User Guide overview

This module covers a range of topics from a description of the software architecture to practical explanations of how to set up your user environment for using the software. This module provides information about the software structure and points to modules that can help you decide where to start or which areas of NCAR Graphics to explore.

System components

NCAR Graphics provides three general user interfaces that are described in the system elements module. These interfaces are: Low Level Utilities, High Level Utilities, and NCAR Command Language. The User Guide modules for these interfaces are aimed at users who want to learn about the NCAR Graphics software structure and how to use the software to develop applications and generate graphics.

Selecting an interface

The Choosing an interface module describes the differences between the different NCAR Graphics Version 4.1 user interfaces (LLUs, HLUs, NCL). This module also explains the advantages of using each interface and provides the criteria for deciding which interface best suits the user skill level and the user application.

Software and hardware requirements

The Software and hardware requirements module describes the computing resources you need to use NCAR Graphics.

Setting up your work environment

The General user environment module explains how to set up your work environment, shell variables, path names, and resource files to run an NCAR Graphics program, build an NCAR Graphics application, and use the NCAR Graphics software.

Reference tables

The Reference tables module organizes a great deal of reference information for quick access: resource names, HLU APIs, and NCL functions and procedures.

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