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Anomalous Transport Models
CYTRAN cyclotron radiation transport in plasmas
GLF23 Stand-alone Code for Testing the GLF23 Model.
IFS/PPPL Anomalous Thermal Transport Model
JETTO Mixed Bohm/gyro-Bohm Anomalous Transport Model
MMM7_1 Effective Transport Diffusivities for Anomalous Transport
MMM95 Compute Plasma Transport Coefficients.
MODPALEO Paleoclassical Transport Model
OHE_model Ottaviani-Horton-Erba Transport Model
Atomic/Nuclear Reaction Rate Data
PREACT Lookup of Plasma Reactions
Data Analysis and Visualization
EZcdf Easy Interface to netCDF Routines
PPPL-Utilities Utilities for Display and Manipulation of Ufiles Data
SGLIB Scientific Graphics Library
TrGraf Interactive Data Display Library.
TrRead A fortran library for reading TRANSP output data
Ufiles Standardized Communication and Processing of Numeric Data.
Uread Terminal Command I/O System with Scripting / Automation Feature.
Xtc / Tek2ps X-windows Tektronix Controller / Tek-to-PS Converter
PEDESTAL a model to predict the pedestal of type I ELMy H-mode plasma.
Equilibrium and Stability Solvers
ESC Toroidal magnetohydrodynamic equilibrium code
I2MEX Ideal 2-d Magnetohydrodynamic Equilibrium on Xplasma
JSOLVER Fixed-boundary, Toroidal MHD Equilibrium Code.
PEST3 Nonideal Stability Code for Toroidal Plasmas
Plasma State routines to share data across physics models
Separatrix Library for finding the separatrix of numerical MHD equilibria
TEQ Library to solve the Grad-Shafranov equation to calculate MHD equilibria
TRACK track magnetic flux surfaces in 3D toroidal plasmas
TrXplib library to load an `xplasma' from a TRANSP archive
XPLASMA a set of routines for numerical representation of fusion plasma MHD equilibrium and parameter profiles
CURRAY Ray Tracing Code
LSC Lower hybrid Simulation Code
NBEAMS Neutral Beam Heating and Current Drive Module
NUBEAM Monte Carlo package for Time dependent Modeling of Fast Ion Species in an Axisymmetric Tokamak
TORAY Electron Cyclotron Heating and Current Drive Code
MHD Stability
INNER Resistive MHD Inner Region Equations
ISLAND Saturated Noeclassical Tearing Mode Island Widths Module
KDSAW Kadomtsev Sawtooth Model
Porcelli Model for Triggering Sawtooth Crashes
Neoclassical Transport Models
Kapisn Neoclassical Transport Module
NCLASS_PT NCLASS Single Point Code
Neutral Gas Models
FRANTIC a very fast 1d neutral gas transport calculation for tokamak core plasmas.
GTNEUT 2-D Neutral Transport Code based on the Transmission and Escape Probabilities Method
NUT Fast, semi-analytic, 3-D NUT Algorithm for Neutral Transport
Numerical Tools
GACO GAbor COllocation: Solve ODEs and PDEs by expanding the solution in Gabor w ave packets
GRIN A flexible program to compute Green's function integrals in two dimensions
LSODE Real*8 Port of Livermore Solver for Ordinary Differential Equations
Melkes Reduced Multivariate Hermite Interpolation
NSCRUNCH Fourier representation of a set of 2D nested surfaces.
PSPLINE 1d, 2d, and 3d Spline and Hermite Interpolation
R8slatec Subset of SLATEC Common Mathematical Libraries
RNG a portable, parallel random number generator
SupraLu Solve sparse matrix problems in C, Fortran90 and Python
Portability Tools
FPreProc Fortran Pre-Processor Scripts
FToken Tools to Create Portable Fortran-77 Code
MPPL A Fortran Preprocessing and Portability Tool
PortLib -- VMS/UNIX (Fortran) Portability Library
TRANSP-related modules
TR_Client Tools to use the Fusion Collaboratory TRANSP Comput Server.
TrDatbuf_Lib fortran library to access TRANSP Physic's Data
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