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Change the View Window


If you change the view window, you can replot without rereading the data. These parameters are only reset by the Initialize command.

sets the x window, in data units:   

	Command[ ]? XT

X limit, low[0.]? 3 !from 3 minutes

X limit, high[0.]? 5 ! to 5

Command[ ]? P

The window can be smaller or larger than the actual x axis data range. Setting the limits to ``0 0'' means autoscale. TBON and TBOF reference the window to the beam on/off times.
	Command[ ]? XT TBON-.5 TBOF+.5

sets the y window, in data units. The bottom limit can be fixed while the top limit auto-scales. 

	Command[ ]? YT 0 1.E6

Command[ ]? YT 0 A !top limit autoscales

Command[ ]? YT 0 0 !both limits autoscale

Marilee Thompson
Fri Jul 11 12:49:48 EDT 1997