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Changing the Graph Range

The axis range  will be determined by the range of the function  that is plotted unless you specify otherwise with the G or G+ options. With these options you can also select linear  or logarithmic  axes. With the G+ option, you can fix  either endpoint of the graph and let the other scale automatically. To set the x axis scale from 500 to the data maximum with no rounding, do:
    <2=N;> Set: Y,X,C,S,G,G+,K,J,Mu,An,Ou,Ex? <AN>:  G+

    \* Options are:
     1) X
     2) Y

    <3=SV;> Set X or Y values? <Y>:              X

    \* Options are:
     1) Minimum      < 0.00000E+00   >
     2) Maximum      < 0.00000E+00   >
     3) Linear       <Yes>
     4) Logarithmic  <No>
     5) AMI auto-scale minimum value  <Yes>
     6) AMA auto-scale maximum value  <Yes>
     7) Round axis endpoint           <Yes>

    <4=O;> X option to set? <MI>:                MI 500  AMI N  R N

Marilee Thompson
Fri Jul 11 17:05:56 EDT 1997