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Adding, Modifying, and Deleting Parameters


You can add parameters with the Add Parameter option . Then you may update each record with the Modify Record option to set the values of the new parameters.

Suppose you have additional information about shots 82995 to 83005. Shots 82995 to 82997 have a density of 2.5e13 and 83001 to 83005 have a density of 2.8e13. To add this to your database:

   Edit option?                    AP
   Parameters?                     NE ;
   Edit option?                    MR
   Record to modify?               1
   Parameter?                      NE 2.8e13 ;
   Record to modify?               2
   Parameter?                      , 2.8e13 ;
   Record to modify?               3
   Parameter?                      , 2.8e13 ;
   . . .                                   
   Record to modify?               \X
(The most recent parameter modified is the default.)

Use the Modify Parameter  option to change the name of a parameter. Enter the name you want to change and the new name.

To delete a parameter that you no longer want, use the Delete Parameter option  with the name of the parameter that you want to delete. The file will be rewritten with the deleted parameters and their values removed.

Marilee Thompson
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