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Editing Parameter and Expression Tables


Several commands are available for creating and updating parameter and expression tables. Parameter tables can also be created and updated from programs that compute those values by using the Fortran calls in LOCUSLIBINGLIB. Expressions are usually entered using the EDIT option in LOCUS. You will not be given the option to update tables unless you have the permits to do so.

   \* Options are:

    1) CE  Create an expression table
    2) SE  Select an expression table to update

    3) AE  Add an expression
    4) DE  Delete an expression
    5) ME  Modify an expression
    6) TE  Type an expression

    7) CP  Create a parameter table
    8) SP  Select a parameter table to update
    9) SK  Select key parameters for record updates

   10) AR  Add a parameter record
   11) DR  Delete a parameter record
   12) MR  Modify a parameter record

Marilee Thompson
Fri Jul 11 17:05:56 EDT 1997