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Getting Started

Define SNAP and SNAPIN
To define the logical names and utilities for running SNAP do:
which executes $ SETUP SNAP. You may already have $ SETUP TFTRLOG or its equivalent $ @USR:[COM]TFTRLOG in your LOGIN.COM file.
Check privileges
The SNAP_USER_OWNER privilege is required to look at and create SNAP data. If you don't have this privilege, contact Lena Scimeca ( To see if you have it:
and see if it's listed under Process Rights.
Create your SNAP subdirectory
If you are a first-time SNAP user, you need to set up a yourname$:[SNAP] subdirectory from which you will run SNAP. Do:
It will also check whether you have the SNAP_USER_OWNER privilege.
Sign up for SNAP bulletins
To start receiving bulletins from the SNAP bulletin board run BULLETIN once to set things up:
    >select SNAP      select the SNAP bulletin board

    >set readnew      to be prompted to read new
                        SNAP bulletins whenever you log in

    >set brief        to be told that there are new SNAP bulletins
                        whenever you run BULLETIN or whenever you
                        log in (then you run BULLETIN to read them)

    >set notify       to be told immediately (if you are logged in)
                        when there's a new message in SNAP
If you prefer not to be prompted for SNAP messages when logging in, then set noreadnew. If you don't want the one line description telling you that there are new messages in SNAP, then set nobrief. If you don't want to be notified immediately whenever a new SNAP bulletin is posted, set nonotify.

Marilee Thompson
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