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SNAPIN--Preparing the Input to SNAP

SNAP reads a single file, SNAP.DAT, which contains all of the necessary input data, including:

The recommended way to set up a SNAP.DAT file is with the program SNAPIN. Given a shot number and analysis time, SNAPIN reads diagnostic data from various UFILES and waveforms and writes a file that SNAP can read. SNAPIN allows you to set most SNAP\ variables. In addition, SNAPIN does some consistency checking to help avoid conflicting parameter settings. SNAPIN was written by Jane Murphy and is maintained by Tom Gibney.

There are a small number of obscure variables in the SNAP.DAT file which SNAPIN does not yet give you the option to modify. If you want to change the value of any of these variables, you can edit the file. This should not be necessary for routine operation. The SNAP.DAT file is in namelist format, which means that it is an ASCII file that can be edited with any text editor.

Marilee Thompson
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