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  The cluster printers are from several different manufacturers. The Talaris, and DEC PrintServer printers can output either text or Tektronix 4014 graphics files. Most models also support PostScript. In addition, many of the Apple Laserwriters that are part of the PPPL Macintosh network are accessible from the cluster.

The unadorned PRINT command:

outputs to the printer defined by the logical name SYS$PRINT, which is set in the system tables and is different on each node: HL0 for BIRCH, DT2 for BEANIE, etc. You can override the default by redefining SYS$PRINT in your LOGIN.COM:
    $ DEFINE SYS$PRINT HL0      !set default printer to HL0
Also you can specify the printer when you type the PRINT command:
The cluster printers include:

Printer Type Location PostScript
RT0 Talaris TFTR Control Room yes
UT0 Talaris PPLCC Output Room yes
HL0 PrintServer HLDAS Room B235 yes

For a more up-to-date list of printers do $ HELP PPPL_PRINT QUEUES. For a complete list do:
This list will contain several printers such as
    Printer queue HLDAS_1LW, idle, on RAX::"B235 LW@LOB W 2nd fl"
which is the Apple Laserwriter in the HLDAS room, B235. For information about parameters and queue-specific switches:
    $ HELP QMS
For text files (but not for plot files), the Talaris printers can print multiple pages on a single piece of paper.

The QMS and Talaris print queues figure out what kind of file is being printed from the file extension and handle the file appropriately:

    $ PRINT/QUE=HL0 MY_FILE.DAT             text
    $ PRINT/QUE=HL0 MY_PLOT.PLT             4014 graphics
    $ PRINT/QUE=HL0 MY_FILE.PS              PostScript
    $ PRINT/QUE=HL0/SETUP=2L MY_PROG.FOR    text 2-up, landscape
To print on HL1, you must match the queue name to the type of file:
    $ PRINT/QUE=HL1_ANSI MY_FILE.DAT        text
    $ PRINT/QUE=HL1_TEK MY_PLOT.PLT         4014 graphics
    $ PRINT/QUE=HL1_PS MY_FILE.PS           PostScript
The Scriptprinter can also print multiple plot frames on a single page. This example outputs 4 graphs/page in landscape orientation.

The Apple Laserwriters cannot process 4014 files, however PSPLOT can be used to convert these to PostScript for printing. To print a postscript file on an Apple Laserwriter, use the FORM switch:

A common LOGIN.COM addition is to define symbols for your favorite print commands. Then you can print a file by using $ HL4 MY_PLOT.PLT.

To see your jobs in the print queue, type:


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