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TPLOT, PSPLOT--Print Graphics Files

TPLOT  is a utility to convert a 4105 graphics file to 4014 mode so it can be printed. If you want to print a 4105 file on any cluster printer use:

    $ TPLOT FOO.4105 RT0       print 4105 file on RT0

PSPLOT  is a utility to print a 4014 or 4105 graphics file as a PostScript file.

    $ PSPLOT FOO.4105 HL1_PS     print 4105 file on HL1
    $ PSPLOT FOO.PLT HL1_PS      print 4014 file on HL1
    $ PSPLOT FOO.PLT HLDAS_1LW   print 4014 file on HLDAS Laserwriter

Marilee Thompson
Fri Jul 11 11:22:04 EDT 1997