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FINGER--Display Information about Users

The FINGER utility displays information about the users currently logged in to the local system or a remote system.

    $ FINGER [user-name][@host-name]
When the username is given in the command, FINGER displays the text in the user's PLAN.TXT if one exists in that user's login directory. For example:

    RAX VAX/VMS Tuesday, 28-Nov-1993 14:40

    Process    Personal name   Program  Term     Login   CPU
    LTA323_E   Jane Murphy     Emacs             12:56   0:13
    LTA323_D   Jane Murphy     Finger            12:56   0:02
     Logged in since: Tuesday, 28-Nov-1993 12:46
    Mail: 1 new message.
     Tue 28-Nov-1993 13:46  From: BIRCH::WIELAND
    Office:B236  Phone:3234  Mail:MURPHY  Vacation:Dec 23-31
where MURPHY$:[000000]PLAN.TXT contains:
    Office:B236  Phone:3234  Mail:MURPHY  Vacation:Dec 23-31
For the benefit of other users, you should create a PLAN.TXT file in your login directory. See $ HELP FINGER for more information.

Marilee Thompson
Fri Jul 11 11:22:04 EDT 1997