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FERRET--Search HELP libraries

FERRET  searches help libraries for a particular string. You can then use the output from FERRET with HELP to read the topics where the string was found. This is useful if you want to know if something is documented or if you know that it is but can't remember under what topic. To use FERRET, first do $ SETUP FERRET. The command is FERRET topic string. For example, to find the description of RESDIR under the TFTR topic, do:

      --> TFTR Overview_of_TFTR_Data Results_Data

You can use wildcards in the topic name; you can also specify just a topic name to get a list of its subtopics.
    $ FERRET *TEX  " APS"    ! Is there any Tex info on APS?
    $ FERRET "SNAP"          ! List subtopics in SNAP help.
See $ HELP FERRET for more information. FERRET is maintained by Tom Gibney.

Marilee Thompson
Fri Jul 11 11:22:04 EDT 1997