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Introduction to VMS--the Virtual Memory System

The most commonly used VMS commands are:

    $ HELP
    $ MAIL
    $ PRINT
    $ TYPE
    $ SEARCH
    $ DIFF
    $ LOGOUT

Most VMS commands are adequately described by the VMS HELP system. If further information is needed, a complete set of VMS manuals is in the HLDAS Room, B235. In particular, the ``Introduction to VMS'' provides a detailed description of VMS features. With some commands additional help is available by typing HELP while running the command. For example:

describes how to run MAIL from VMS, while:
    $ MAIL
    > HELP
documents all MAIL subcommands. You can obtain a printed copy of an entire HELP topic by telling HELP to create a file with everything about that topic and then printing that file. For example, to print the entire CUPLOT help file on the HL0 printer (and delete the file after printing):
Note that there are no spaces before the ``...''. In addition to vendor supplied help topics, many PPL written topics are available in the help system. To list these topics:
    $ HELP TFTR       an on-line version of this document
    $ HELP @USR       lots of useful tools are described here
    $ HELP @TFTR      GETSHOTS, OPREAD and all that
    $ HELP @PPL       Archiver, etc.
    $ HELP @HLDAS     user's helpful hints for HLDAS codes
    $ HELP VMS_ALPHA  differences between AXP and VAX

Marilee Thompson
Fri Jul 11 11:22:04 EDT 1997