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Login Definitions and SETUP

There are two commands that MUST be in your LOGIN.COM file, preferably near the beginning:

Note that TERMLOG must precede TFTRLOG. These commands are in the prototypical USR:[COM]LOGIN.COM file, in the correct order.

TERMLOG is a procedure that sets your terminal characteristics   and terminal related logical names that are used by many PPPL libraries and tools. If you log on to different terminals at different times, use the above form which prompts you each time you log on for the terminal type. If you always log on to the same terminal (e.g., a Macintosh), you can use:

For more information, do $ HELP TERMLOG.

TFTRLOG defines many utilities, procedures, and disk logical names that you need to access TFTR data. Most users will want the form shown above. If you need to include additional Ufile utilities and translators use:

Do $ HELP TRANSP JUNK to learn about ``junk'' directories if you use the UALL option.

As you may have surmised, SETUP is a utility (actually a PPL written procedure) that sets up the necessary definitions so that you can use a variety of commands that are not part of the operating system. For example:

    $ SETUP TEX          !TEX, LATEX word processors
    $ SETUP TAIL         !look at the tail of a file
SETUP can be run interactively or be used in your LOGIN.COM file. Type $ SETUP HELP for a list of what SETUP can define.

Marilee Thompson
Fri Jul 11 11:22:04 EDT 1997