Princeton Field-reversed Configuration Experiment: Research Papers

  1. "Maintaining the Closed Magnetic-field-line Topology of a Field-reversed Configuration with the Addition of Static Transverse Magnetic Fields," S.A. Cohen and R.D. Milroy, Phys. Plasmas 7:6 (June 2000) 2539-2545. (Paper is a 172 KB PDF file.)
  2. "Ion Heating in the Field-Reversed Configuration by Rotating Magnetic Fields near the Ion-Cyclotron Resonance," Samuel A. Cohen and Alan H. Glasser, Phys. Rev. Lett. 85:24 (11 December 2000) 5114-5117. (Paper is a 220 KB PDF file.)
  3. "Ion and Electron Acceleration in the Field-reversed Configuration with an Odd-parity Rotating Magnetic Field," A.H. Glasser and S.A. Cohen, Phys. Plasmas 9:5 (May 2002) 2093-2102. (Paper is a 248 KB PDF file.)
  4. "Regular and Stochastic Orbits of Ions in a Highly Prolate Field-reversed Configuration," A.S. Landsman, S.A. Cohen, and A.H. Glasser, Phys. Plasmas 11:3 (March 2004) 947-957 (Paper is a 444 KB PDF file.)
  5. "Resonance and Chaotic Trajectories in Magnetic Field Reversed Configuration," A.S. Landsman, S.A. Cohen, M. Edelman, G.M. Zaslavsky, "Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerial Simulation 10:6 (September 2005) 617-642. (Paper is a 600 KB PDF file.)
  6. "Onset and Saturation of Ion Heating by Odd-parity Rotating Magnetic Fields in a Field-reversed Configuration," A.S. Landsman, S.A. Cohen, and A.H. Glasser, Phys. Rev. Lett. 96:1 (13 January 2006) Article No. 015002. (Paper is a 196 KB PDF file.)
  7. "Formation of Collisionless High-beta Plasmas by Odd-parity Rotating Magnetic Fields," S.A. Cohen, B. Berlinger, C. Brunkhorst, A. Brooks, N. Ferraro, D.P. Lundberg, A. Roach, and A.H. Glasser, Phys. Rev. Lett. 98:14 (6 April 2007) Article No. 145002. (Paper is a 544 KB PDF file.)
  8. "Stochastic Ion Heating in a Field-reversed Configuration Geometry by Rotating Magnetic Fields," S.A. Cohen, A.S. Landsman, and A.H. Glasser, Phys. Plasmas 14:7 (July 2007) Article No. 072508 (12 pages). (Paper is a 764 KB PDF file.)
  9. "The Princeton FRC Rotating-Magnetic-Field-Experiment RF System," C. Brunkhorst, B. Berlinger, N. Ferraro, and S.A. Cohen, Abstract for the 22nd IEEE/NPSS Symposium on Fusion Engineering 2007 (SOFE2007), (17-21 June 2007, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA). (Paper is a 328 KB PDF file.)
  10. "Design Aid Diagram for FRC Fusion-research Devices: Research Paths Defined by Dimensionless Variables," S.A. Cohen, presentation to the Fusion Energy Science Advisory Committee (FESAC), June 2008. (Paper is a 135 KB PDF file.)
  11. "Formation of Field-reversed-configuration Plasma with Punctuated-betatron-orbit Electrons," D.R. Welch, S.A. Cohen, T.C.Genoni, and A.H. Glasser, Phys. Rev. Lett. 105 (2 July 2010) Article No. 015002 (4 pages). (Paper is a 2.4 MB PDF file.)
  12. "A Fast Implicit Algorithm for Highly Magnetized Charged Particle Motion," T.C. Genoni, R.E. Clark, and D.R. Welch, The Open Plasma Physics Journal 3 (2010) 36-41. (Paper is a 1.5 MB PDF file.)
  13. "Greek Fire: Nicholas Christofilos and the Astron Project in America’s Early Fusion Program," Elisheva R. Coleman, Samuel A. Cohen, and Michael S. Mahoney, J. Fusion Energy 3 (published online 26 February 2011) 19 pgs. (Paper is a 455 KB PDF file.)
  14. "Passive Superconducting Flux Conservers for Rotating-magnetic-field-driven Field-reversed Configurations," C.E. Myers, M.R. Edwards, B. Berlinger, A. Brooks, and S.A. Cohen, Fusion Sci. Technol. 61 (January 2012) 86-103. (Paper is a 1.1 MB PDF file.)
  15. "Coherent Population Trapping as a Magnetic-field Diagnostic for Hydrogen Plasmas," D.R. Farley, J.M. Mitrani, and S.A. Cohen, Phys. Rev. A 85 (2012) Article No 033412 (10 pages). (Paper is a 782 KB PDF file.)
  16. "Use of Polycarbonate Vacuum Vessels in High-temperature Fusion-plasma Research," B. Berlinger, A. Brooks, H. Feder, J. Gumbas, T. Franckowiak, and S.A. Cohen, presented at the American Nuclear Society (ANS) 20th Topical Meeting on the Technology of Fusion Energy (27-31 August 2012, Nashville, TN) and to be published in the ANS Journal of Fusion Science and Technology. (Paper is a 1.8 MB PDF file.)
  17. "Modular Aneutronic Fusion Engine," Yosef Razin, Gary Pajer, Mary Breton, Eric Ham, Joseph Mueller, Michael Paluszek, A.H. Glasser, and Samuel Cohen, presented at the 63rd International Astronautical Congress (1-5 October 2012, Naples Italy). (Paper is a 3.3 MB PDF file.)
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