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  2. figure

    Magnetic islands and singular currents at rational surfaces in three-dimensional MHD equilibria
    J. Loizu, S. Hudson, A. Bhattacharjee, and P. Helander
    Physics of Plasmas, 22, 022501 (2015)   (author's copy)

  3. square-islands

    Chaotic coordinates for the Large Helical Device
    S.R.Hudson & Y. Suzuki
    Physics of Plasmas, 21:102505, 2014   (author's copy)

  4. helical axis

    Modeling the Single-Helical Axis State in the Reversed-Field Pinch
    G.R. Dennis, S.R.Hudson and M.J. Hole
    IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, 2014   (author's copy)

  5. multi-region

    Multi-region relaxed magnetohydrodynamics with anisotropy and flow
    G.R. Dennis, S.R.Hudson, R.L. Dewar and M.J. Hole
    Physics of Plasmas, 21:072512, 2014   (author's copy)

  6. multi-region

    Multi-region relaxed magnetohydrodynamics with flow
    G.R. Dennis, S.R.Hudson, R.L. Dewar and M.J. Hole
    Physics of Plasmas, 21:042501, 2014   (author's copy)

  7. A comment on the iterative approach for computing MHD equilibria with pressure-gradients in chaotic fields, and a proposed regularized approach
    unpublished, 2014   (author's copy)

  8. infinitelimit

    The infinite interface limit of multiple-region relaxed magnetohydrodynamics
    G.R.Dennis, S.R.Hudson, R.L.Dewar and M.J.Hole
    Physics of Plasmas, 20, 032509, 2013   (author's copy)

  9. text

    Generalized action-angle coordinates defined on island chains
    R.L.Dewar, S.R.Hudson and A.M.Gibson
    Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, 55:014004, 2013   (author's copy)

  10. text

    Action-gradient-minimizing pseudo-orbits and almost-invariant tori
    R.L.Dewar, S.R.Hudson and A.M.Gibson
    Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulations, 17(5):2062, 2012   (author's copy)

  11. text

    Non-axisymmetric, multi-region relaxed magnetohydrodynamic equilibrium solutions
    S.R.Hudson, R.L.Dewar, M.J.Hole and M.McGann
    Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, 54:014005, 2012   (author's copy)

  12. text

    A regularized approach for solving magnetic differential equations and a revised iterative algorithm
    Physics of Plasmas, 17:114501, 2010   (author's copy)

  13. text

    Hamilton-Jacobi theory for continuation of magnetic field across a toroidal surface supporting a plasma pressure discontinuity
    M.McGann, S.R.Hudson, R.L.Dewar and G.von Nessi
    Physics Letters A, 374(33):3308, 2010   (author's copy)

  14. Pressure, chaotic magnetic fields, and magnetohydrodynamic equilibria
    S.R.Hudson and N.Nakajima
    Physics of Plasmas, 17:052511, 2010   (author's copy)

  15. text

    Unified theory of Ghost and Quadratic-Flux-Minimizing Surfaces
    Robert L.Dewar, Stuart R.Hudson and Ashley M.Gibson
    Journal of Plasma and Fusion Research SERIES, 9:487, 2010   (author's copy)

  16. pseudo

    Are ghost surfaces quadratic-flux-minimizing?
    S.R.Hudson and R.L.Dewar
    Physics Letters A, 373(48):4409, 2009   (author's copy)

  17. Magnetic surface quality in nonaxisymmetric plasma equilibria
    C.Nuehrenberg, A.H.Boozer and S.R.Hudson,
    Physical Review Letters, 102:235001 2009   (author's copy)

  18. text

    Relaxed MHD states of a multiple region plasma
    M.J.Hole, R.Mills, S.R.Hudson and R.L.Dewar
    Nuclear Fusion, 49:065019, 2009   (author's copy)

  19. text

    An expression for the temperature gradient in chaotic fields
    Physics of Plasmas, 16:010701, 2009   (author's copy)

  20. text

    Relaxed plasma equilibria and entropy-related plasma self-organization principles
    R.L.Dewar, M.J.Hole, M.McGann et al.
    Entropy, 10(4):621, 2008   (author's copy)

  21. text

    Steady state solutions to the advection-diffusion equation, and ghost coordinates, for a chaotic flow
    Physical Review E, 76:046211, 2007   (author's copy)

  22. text

    Equilibria and stability in partially relaxed plasma-vacuum systems
    M.J.Hole, S.R.Hudson and R.L.Dewar
    Nuclear Fusion, 47(8):746, 2007   (author's copy)

  23. text

    Equilibrium and flux surface issues in the design of NCSX
    A.Reiman, S.Hirshman, S.Hudson et al.
    Fusion Science and Technology, 51(2):145, 2007   (author's copy)

  24. text

    NCSX Magnetic configuration and robustness
    N.Pomphrey, A.Boozer, A.Brooks, et al.
    Fusion Science and Technology, 51(2):181, 2007   (author's copy)

  25. text

    Properties of ballooning modes in the planar axis heliotron configurations with a large Shafranov shift
    N.Nakajima, S.R.Hudson and C.C.Hegna
    Fusion Science and Technology, 51(1):79, 2007   (author's copy)

  26. text

    Significance of MHD Effects in Stellarator Confinement
    A.Weller, S.Sakakibara, K.Y.Watanabe et al.
    Fusion Science and Technology, 50(2):158, 2006   (author's copy)

  27. text

    Stepped pressure profile equilibria in cylindrical plasmas via partial Taylor relaxation
    M.J.Hole, S.R.Hudson and R.L.Dewar
    Journal of Plasma Physics, 72(6):1167, 2006   (author's copy)

  28. Derivatives of the local ballooning growth rate with respect to surface label, field line label and ballooning parameter
    Physics of Plasmas, 13:042511, 2006   (author's copy)

  29. text

    Boundary modulation effects on MHD instabilities in Heliotrons
    N.Nakajima, S.Hudson, C.C.Hegna and Y.Nakamura
    Nuclear Fusion, 46(2):177, 2006   (author's copy)

  30. Effect of ambipolar plasma flow on the penetration of resonant magnetic perturbations in a quasi-axisymmetric stellarator
    A.Reiman, M.Zarnstorff, D.Mikkelsen et al.
    Nuclear Fusion, 45(5):360, 2005   (author's copy)

  31. text

    Chaotic Particle Trajectories in High-Intensity Finite-Length Charge Bunches
    Stuart R.Hudson, Hong Qin and Ronald C.Davidson
    Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 544 (2005) 458   (author's copy)

  32. text

    Influence of Pressure-Gradient and Shear on Ballooning Stability in Stellarators
    S.R.Hudson, C.C.Hegna and N.Nakajima
    Nuclear Fusion, 45(4):271, 2005   (author's copy)

  33. Marginal stability diagrams for infinite-n ballooning modes in quasi-symmetric stellarators
    S.R.Hudson, C.C.Hegna, R.Torasso and A.Ware
    Plasma Phys.Control.Fusion 46 (2004) 869-876   (author's copy)

  34. text

    Simulation of a Discharge for the NCSX Stellarator
    E.A.Lazarus, M.C.Zarnstorff, S.R.Hudson et al.
    Fusion Science and Technology, 46(1):209-214 2004   (author's copy)

  35. text

    Marginal stability boundaries for infinite-n ballooning modes in a quasi-axisymmetric stellarator
    S.R.Hudson and C.C.Hegna
    Physics of Plasmas 10(12):4716,2003   (author's copy)

  36. text

    Constructing integrable full-pressure full-current free-boundary stellarator magnetohydrodynamic equilibrium solutions
    S.R.Hudson, D.A.Monticello, A.H.Reiman et al.
    Nuclear Fusion 43(10):1040,2003   (author's copy)

  37. text

    Free-boundary full-pressure island healing in a stellarator: coil-healing
    S.R.Hudson, A.Reiman, D.Strickler et al.
    Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion.44(7):1377, 2002   (author's copy)

  38. text

    Ideal magnetohydrodynamic ballooning stability boundaries in three-dimensional equilibria
    C.C.Hegna and S.R.Hudson
    Physics of Plasmas, 9(5):2014, 2002   (author's copy)

  39. text

    Physics of the compact advanced stellarator NCSX
    M.C.Zarnstorff, L.A.Berry, A.Brooks et al.
    Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 43:12A (2001) A237.   (author's copy)

  40. text

    Reduction of islands in full-pressure stellarator equilibria
    S.R.Hudson, D.A.Monticello and A.H.Reiman
    Physics of Plasmas, 8(7):3377 2001   (author's copy)

  41. text

    Recent advances in the design of quasiaxisymmetric stellarator plasma configurations
    A.Reiman, L.Ku, D.Monticello et al.
    Physics of Plasmas, 8(5):2083 2001   (author's copy)

  42. text

    Studies of spherical tori, stellarators, and anisotropic pressure with the M3D code
    L.E.Sugiyama, W.Park, H.R.Strauss et al.
    Nuclear Fusion 41(6):739 2001   (author's copy)

  43. Ideal/resistive modes analysis in reversed shear configuration plasmas
    T.Tuda, Y.Ishii, G.Kurita et al.
    Chinese Physics Letters ISSN 0256-307X, 83-84, 2000    (author's copy)  

  44. text

    Analysis of perturbed magnetic fields via construction of nearby integrable field
    S.R.Hudson and R.L.Dewar
    Physics of Plasmas 6(5):1532, 1999   (author's copy)

  45. text

    Construction of an integrable field close to any non-integrable toroidal magnetic field
    S.R.Hudson and R.L.Dewar
    Physics Letters A 247(3):246, 1998   (author's copy)

  46. text

    Recent experimental and analytic progress in the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute
    Tokamak-60 Upgrade with W-shaped divertor configuration

    H.Shirai and the JT-60 Team
    Physics of Plasmas 5(5):1712,1998   (author's copy)

  47. text

    Stellarator symmetry
    R.L.Dewar and S.R.Hudson
    Physica D, 112(1-2):275 1998   (author's copy)

  48. Self Healing of Magnetic Islands in a Heliac
    S.S.Lloyd, H.J.Gardner, T.Hayashi and S.R.Hudson
    Journal of Plasma and Fusion Research SERIES, 1:484, 1998.   (author's copy)

  49. text

    Phase control of magnetic islands in a heliac vacuum field
    S.R.Hudson and R.L.Dewar
    Journal of Plasma and Fusion Research SERIES, 1:187, 1998.   (author's copy)

  50. text

    Almost-invariant surfaces for magnetic field-line flows
    S.R.Hudson and R.L.Dewar
    Journal of Plasma Physics, 56(2):361, 1996.   (author's copy)

  51. text

    Quadratic Flux-Minimizing Surfaces for Toroidal Magnetic Fields
    S.R.Hudson and R.L.Dewar
    Proc. of 3rd Australia-Japan Workshop on Plasma Theory and Computation, Australia, 1995. (author's copy)

  52. text

    Almost invariant manifolds for divergence free fields
    R.L.Dewar, S.R.Hudson and P.Price
    Physics Letters A, 194(1-2):49, 1994   (author's copy)