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    Impact of magnetic topology on radial electric field profile and comparisons with models of edge transport in the Large Helical Device
    Y. Suzuki, K. Ida, K. Kamiya, M. Yoshinuma, et al.
    Nuclear Fusion, submitted (2016)  

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    Pressure-driven amplification and penetration of resonant magnetic perturbations
    J. Loizu, S.R. Hudson, P. Helander, S. Lazerson, A.B. Bhattacharjee
    Physics of Plasmas, accepted (2016)   (author's copy)

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    Verification of the ideal magnetohydrodynamic response at rational surfaces in the VMEC code
    S. Lazerson, J. Loizu, S.P.Hirshman and S.R. Hudson,
    Physics of Plasmas 23, 012507 (2016)   (author's copy)

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    Variational formulation of relaxed and multi-region relaxed magnetohydrodynamics
    R.L. Dewar, Z. Yoshida, A. Bhattacharjee, S.R. Hudson
    Journal of Plasma Physics, 81, 515810604 (2015)   (author's copy)

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    Existence of three-dimensional ideal-MHD equilibria with current sheets
    J. Loizu, S. R. Hudson, A. Bhattacharjee, S. Lazerson and P. Helander
    Physics of Plasmas, 22, 090704 (2015)   (author's copy)

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    Magnetic islands and singular currents at rational surfaces in three-dimensional MHD equilibria
    J. Loizu, S. Hudson, A. Bhattacharjee, and P. Helander
    Physics of Plasmas, 22, 022501 (2015)   (author's copy)

  8. square-islands

    Chaotic coordinates for the Large Helical Device
    S.R.Hudson & Y. Suzuki
    Physics of Plasmas, 21:102505, 2014   (author's copy)

  9. helical axis

    Modeling the Single-Helical Axis State in the Reversed-Field Pinch
    G.R. Dennis, S.R.Hudson and M.J. Hole
    IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, 42(10):2514, 2014   (author's copy)

  10. multi-region

    Multi-region relaxed magnetohydrodynamics with anisotropy and flow
    G.R. Dennis, S.R.Hudson, R.L. Dewar and M.J. Hole
    Physics of Plasmas, 21:072512, 2014   (author's copy)

  11. multi-region

    Multi-region relaxed magnetohydrodynamics with flow
    G.R. Dennis, S.R.Hudson, R.L. Dewar and M.J. Hole
    Physics of Plasmas, 21:042501, 2014   (author's copy)

  12. A comment on the iterative approach for computing MHD equilibria with pressure-gradients in chaotic fields, and a proposed regularized approach
    unpublished, 2014   (author's copy)

  13. infinitelimit

    The infinite interface limit of multiple-region relaxed magnetohydrodynamics
    G.R.Dennis, S.R.Hudson, R.L.Dewar and M.J.Hole
    Physics of Plasmas, 20, 032509, 2013   (author's copy)

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    Generalized action-angle coordinates defined on island chains
    R.L.Dewar, S.R.Hudson and A.M.Gibson
    Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, 55:014004, 2013   (author's copy)

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    Action-gradient-minimizing pseudo-orbits and almost-invariant tori
    R.L.Dewar, S.R.Hudson and A.M.Gibson
    Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulations, 17(5):2062, 2012   (author's copy)

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    Non-axisymmetric, multi-region relaxed magnetohydrodynamic equilibrium solutions
    S.R.Hudson, R.L.Dewar, M.J.Hole and M.McGann
    Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, 54:014005, 2012   (author's copy)

  17. text

    A regularized approach for solving magnetic differential equations and a revised iterative algorithm
    Physics of Plasmas, 17:114501, 2010   (author's copy)

  18. text

    Hamilton-Jacobi theory for continuation of magnetic field across a toroidal surface supporting a plasma pressure discontinuity
    M.McGann, S.R.Hudson, R.L.Dewar and G.von Nessi
    Physics Letters A, 374(33):3308, 2010   (author's copy)

  19. Pressure, chaotic magnetic fields, and magnetohydrodynamic equilibria
    S.R.Hudson and N.Nakajima
    Physics of Plasmas, 17:052511, 2010   (author's copy)

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    Unified theory of Ghost and Quadratic-Flux-Minimizing Surfaces
    Robert L.Dewar, Stuart R.Hudson and Ashley M.Gibson
    Journal of Plasma and Fusion Research SERIES, 9:487, 2010   (author's copy)

  21. pseudo

    Are ghost surfaces quadratic-flux-minimizing?
    S.R.Hudson and R.L.Dewar
    Physics Letters A, 373(48):4409, 2009   (author's copy)

  22. Magnetic surface quality in nonaxisymmetric plasma equilibria
    C.Nuehrenberg, A.H.Boozer and S.R.Hudson,
    Physical Review Letters, 102:235001 2009   (author's copy)

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    Relaxed MHD states of a multiple region plasma
    M.J.Hole, R.Mills, S.R.Hudson and R.L.Dewar
    Nuclear Fusion, 49:065019, 2009   (author's copy)

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    An expression for the temperature gradient in chaotic fields
    Physics of Plasmas, 16:010701, 2009   (author's copy)

  25. text

    Relaxed plasma equilibria and entropy-related plasma self-organization principles
    R.L.Dewar, M.J.Hole, M.McGann et al.
    Entropy, 10(4):621, 2008   (author's copy)

  26. text

    Steady state solutions to the advection-diffusion equation, and ghost coordinates, for a chaotic flow
    Physical Review E, 76:046211, 2007   (author's copy)

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    Equilibria and stability in partially relaxed plasma-vacuum systems
    M.J.Hole, S.R.Hudson and R.L.Dewar
    Nuclear Fusion, 47(8):746, 2007   (author's copy)

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    Equilibrium and flux surface issues in the design of NCSX
    A.Reiman, S.Hirshman, S.Hudson et al.
    Fusion Science and Technology, 51(2):145, 2007   (author's copy)

  29. text

    NCSX Magnetic configuration and robustness
    N.Pomphrey, A.Boozer, A.Brooks, et al.
    Fusion Science and Technology, 51(2):181, 2007   (author's copy)

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    Properties of ballooning modes in the planar axis heliotron configurations with a large Shafranov shift
    N.Nakajima, S.R.Hudson and C.C.Hegna
    Fusion Science and Technology, 51(1):79, 2007   (author's copy)

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    Significance of MHD Effects in Stellarator Confinement
    A.Weller, S.Sakakibara, K.Y.Watanabe et al.
    Fusion Science and Technology, 50(2):158, 2006   (author's copy)

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    Stepped pressure profile equilibria in cylindrical plasmas via partial Taylor relaxation
    M.J.Hole, S.R.Hudson and R.L.Dewar
    Journal of Plasma Physics, 72(6):1167, 2006   (author's copy)

  33. Derivatives of the local ballooning growth rate with respect to surface label, field line label and ballooning parameter
    Physics of Plasmas, 13:042511, 2006   (author's copy)

  34. text

    Boundary modulation effects on MHD instabilities in Heliotrons
    N.Nakajima, S.Hudson, C.C.Hegna and Y.Nakamura
    Nuclear Fusion, 46(2):177, 2006   (author's copy)

  35. Effect of ambipolar plasma flow on the penetration of resonant magnetic perturbations in a quasi-axisymmetric stellarator
    A.Reiman, M.Zarnstorff, D.Mikkelsen et al.
    Nuclear Fusion, 45(5):360, 2005   (author's copy)

  36. text

    Chaotic Particle Trajectories in High-Intensity Finite-Length Charge Bunches
    Stuart R.Hudson, Hong Qin and Ronald C.Davidson
    Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 544 (2005) 458   (author's copy)

  37. text

    Influence of Pressure-Gradient and Shear on Ballooning Stability in Stellarators
    S.R.Hudson, C.C.Hegna and N.Nakajima
    Nuclear Fusion, 45(4):271, 2005   (author's copy)

  38. Marginal stability diagrams for infinite-n ballooning modes in quasi-symmetric stellarators
    S.R.Hudson, C.C.Hegna, R.Torasso and A.Ware
    Plasma Phys.Control.Fusion 46 (2004) 869-876   (author's copy)

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    Simulation of a Discharge for the NCSX Stellarator
    E.A.Lazarus, M.C.Zarnstorff, S.R.Hudson et al.
    Fusion Science and Technology, 46(1):209-214 2004   (author's copy)

  40. text

    Marginal stability boundaries for infinite-n ballooning modes in a quasi-axisymmetric stellarator
    S.R.Hudson and C.C.Hegna
    Physics of Plasmas 10(12):4716,2003   (author's copy)

  41. text

    Constructing integrable full-pressure full-current free-boundary stellarator magnetohydrodynamic equilibrium solutions
    S.R.Hudson, D.A.Monticello, A.H.Reiman et al.
    Nuclear Fusion 43(10):1040,2003   (author's copy)

  42. text

    Free-boundary full-pressure island healing in a stellarator: coil-healing
    S.R.Hudson, A.Reiman, D.Strickler et al.
    Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion.44(7):1377, 2002   (author's copy)

  43. text

    Ideal magnetohydrodynamic ballooning stability boundaries in three-dimensional equilibria
    C.C.Hegna and S.R.Hudson
    Physics of Plasmas, 9(5):2014, 2002   (author's copy)

  44. text

    Physics of the compact advanced stellarator NCSX
    M.C.Zarnstorff, L.A.Berry, A.Brooks et al.
    Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 43:12A (2001) A237.   (author's copy)

  45. text

    Reduction of islands in full-pressure stellarator equilibria
    S.R.Hudson, D.A.Monticello and A.H.Reiman
    Physics of Plasmas, 8(7):3377 2001   (author's copy)

  46. text

    Recent advances in the design of quasiaxisymmetric stellarator plasma configurations
    A.Reiman, L.Ku, D.Monticello et al.
    Physics of Plasmas, 8(5):2083 2001   (author's copy)

  47. text

    Studies of spherical tori, stellarators, and anisotropic pressure with the M3D code
    L.E.Sugiyama, W.Park, H.R.Strauss et al.
    Nuclear Fusion 41(6):739 2001   (author's copy)

  48. Ideal/resistive modes analysis in reversed shear configuration plasmas
    T.Tuda, Y.Ishii, G.Kurita et al.
    Chinese Physics Letters ISSN 0256-307X, 83-84, 2000    (author's copy)  

  49. text

    Analysis of perturbed magnetic fields via construction of nearby integrable field
    S.R.Hudson and R.L.Dewar
    Physics of Plasmas 6(5):1532, 1999   (author's copy)

  50. text

    Construction of an integrable field close to any non-integrable toroidal magnetic field
    S.R.Hudson and R.L.Dewar
    Physics Letters A 247(3):246, 1998   (author's copy)

  51. text

    Recent experimental and analytic progress in the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute
    Tokamak-60 Upgrade with W-shaped divertor configuration

    H.Shirai and the JT-60 Team
    Physics of Plasmas 5(5):1712,1998   (author's copy)

  52. text

    Stellarator symmetry
    R.L.Dewar and S.R.Hudson
    Physica D, 112(1-2):275 1998   (author's copy)

  53. Self Healing of Magnetic Islands in a Heliac
    S.S.Lloyd, H.J.Gardner, T.Hayashi and S.R.Hudson
    Journal of Plasma and Fusion Research SERIES, 1:484, 1998.   (author's copy)

  54. text

    Phase control of magnetic islands in a heliac vacuum field
    S.R.Hudson and R.L.Dewar
    Journal of Plasma and Fusion Research SERIES, 1:187, 1998.   (author's copy)

  55. text

    Almost-invariant surfaces for magnetic field-line flows
    S.R.Hudson and R.L.Dewar
    Journal of Plasma Physics, 56(2):361, 1996.   (author's copy)

  56. text

    Quadratic Flux-Minimizing Surfaces for Toroidal Magnetic Fields
    S.R.Hudson and R.L.Dewar
    Proc. of 3rd Australia-Japan Workshop on Plasma Theory and Computation, Australia, 1995. (author's copy)

  57. text

    Almost invariant manifolds for divergence free fields
    R.L.Dewar, S.R.Hudson and P.Price
    Physics Letters A, 194(1-2):49, 1994   (author's copy)