CEMM Project Meeting October 26 2003 2:00-8:00 pm

in conjunction with the APS 2003 Division of Plasma Physics

Enchantment E-F, Hyatt Regency Albuquerqe, NM


2:00 Jardin: Summary of Recent CEMM SciDAC activities

2:20 Schnack/Kruger: NIMROD CDX-U nonlinear simulation

2:40 Breslau: M3D CDX-U nonlinear simulation

3:00 Fu/Park: Energetic particle simulations in M3D

3:20 Kim (U.Wisc):, Energetic Particles in NIMROD

3:40 Callen: Two-Fluid Vector-Field Equations for Hybrid MHD Simulations

4:00 Schnack: 2-Fluid Equations in NIMROD

4:20 Sovinec: SLU in NIMROD

4:40 Held: Electron closures for heat flux and Pi-parallel part1 part2 part3

5:00pm Southwestern Border Break

5:20 Kruger: High-beta disruptions in DIII

5:40 Dylan: Driven islands/NTMs in ITER and Toroidal shear flow

6:00 Sovinec: Spheromak modeling

6:20 Glasser and Simakov: Discretized dispersion relations

6:40 Strauss: Rotational Damping by Error Fields

7:00 Planning:

benchmarking/validation plan for 2-fluid/FLR

Joint graphics/data management activities


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