CEMM Meeting 7 Nov. 2010

Hyatt Regency Hotel, Chicago, IL

In Conjunction with the APS-DPP Meeting

Jardin: Update on SciDAC and CERF Center News

Glasser: Spectral Element Multigrid

Glasser: PDSLin: Parallel Domain-decomposition Shur-complement Linear Solver

Ferraro: Recent developments with M3D-C1

Jamroz: JFNK within the semi-implicit scheme in NIMROD

Kim: Diagnostic development for the kinetic-MHD in NIMROD

King: Two-fluid tearing and saturation in pinch profiles

Strauss: Disruption modeling and wall forces

Ramos: Algorithm for the neoclassical Spitzer problem with FP collision operator and general magnetic geometry

Held: Solving the DKE using 1D finite elements for pitch angle

Jenkins: Coupled ECCD/MHD modeling using NIMROD, GENRAY, and the SWIM IPS

Breslau: Saturated n=1 mode in NSTX

Sugiyama: ELMs and ELM-free instabilities

Zhu: MHD ballooning with RMP

Callen: Effect of 3D magnetic perturbations on toroidal plasmas

Kruger: FSP Disruption Science Driver and discussion on FSP

Coppi: Heavy particle mode as the signature of the I-regime


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