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BULLETIN--TFTR Schedules and Notices

BULLETIN  lets you read and post messages on PPPL bulletin boards. There are several bulletin boards of interest to the TFTR user:

TFTR Machine Schedule, Access Information,
and Meeting Notices
TFTR_SHOTS Parameter Summary for Recent Shots
SNAP SNAP and SNAPIN Bulletins

To see a complete list of bulletin boards , do dir/folder from within BULLETIN. To receive bulletins from these bulletin boards, run BULLETIN once to set things up:
    >select TFTR      select the TFTR bulletin board
    >set readnew      to be prompted to read new
                        TFTR bulletins when logging in  OR
    >set brief        to be told of new TFTR bulletins
                        as they are posted
    >set notify       to be told when there's a new message
                        in TFTR
If you prefer not to be prompted for TFTR messages when logging in, then set noreadnew. If you don't want the one line description that there are new messages in TFTR, then set nobrief. (Repeat the settings selecting SNAP, TRANSP or any other bulletin.) To read a new TFTR message, type:
    >read or <return>
The HELP from within BULLETIN is good (not so with $ HELP BULLETIN). BULLETIN is a lot like VMS MAIL.

Marilee Thompson
Fri Jul 11 11:22:04 EDT 1997