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Display SNAP Results


The SNAP analysis program generates scalars, 1D arrays, and 2D arrays, all identified by channel number or name. To see what quantities can be displayed, search or print the file HLDAS$:[CURRENT]CHANNEL.MEM. The SNAP document, which describes how to setup a SNAP run and how to interpret the output, is available in hardcopy and via the TFTR documents Web page.

As mentioned is section 4.1, CUPLOT can be used to plot SNAP 1D arrays. It can also type SNAP scalers, and generate lists of channel names, in alphabetical order, for vectors. The following programs display SNAP output as a combination of graphics text pages and plot frames.

  plots 1 page of text summary, 1 or 2 pages of plots, and optionally an extra page of comments. The following example outputs the 3-page SNAPSUM plot file to printer HL1, in 4 plots/page mode:
    $ SNAPSUM 68522 15
    printer (rl0,ht0,...,hl1,hl2,hl4,tty,keep)  -->  HL4
    Number of output pages (1,2,3,4)  3
  displays about 4 text pages and several plot pages from the SNAP run.
    $ RPLOTS 68522 15
SLOOKT, which formerly accessed an archived version of the RPLOTS file, now is a synonym for RPLOTS.

Marilee Thompson
Fri Jul 11 11:22:04 EDT 1997