Where to start learning about gyrofluid simulations of tokamak plasma turbulence

Initial papers on gyro-Landau fluid models

(the second one is more tutorial):

"Fluid Models for Landau Damping with Application to the Ion-Temperature-Gradient Instability," G.W. Hammett and F.W. Perkins, Phys. Rev. Lett. 64, 3019 (1990).

"Fluid Models of Phase Mixing, Landau Damping, and Nonlinear Gyrokinetic Dynamics," G. W. Hammett, W. Dorland and F. W. Perkins, Physics of Fluids B, 4 (2052) 1992. APS-DPP 1991 invited talk.

Initial papers on IFS-PPPL gyrofluid/gyrokinetic-based transport model and comparisons with experiments:

Quantitative Predictions of Tokamak Energy Confinement from First-Principles Simulations with Kinetic Effects, M. Kotschenreuther, W. Dorland, M. A. Beer, and G. W. Hammett, Phys. Plasmas, Vol. 2, No. 6, June 1995, pages 2381-2389. errata.

"Comparison of Nonlinear Toroidal Turbulence Simulations with Experiment" W. Dorland, M. Kotschenreuther, M. A. Beer, G. W. Hammett, R. E. Waltz, R. R. Dominguez, P. M. Valanju, W. H. Miner, Jr., J. Q. Dong, W. Horton, F. L. Waelbroeck, T. Tajima, and M. J. LeBrun, 1994 IAEA Conference (Seville, Spain)

Ph.D. theses are often good tutorials:

"Studies of Numerical Algorithms for Gyrokinetics and the Effects of Shaping on Plasma Turbulence," E.A. Belli, Ph.D. Dissertation, Princeton University (April, 2006). ( local copy)

"Gyrofluid Theory and Simulation of Electromagnetic Turbulence and Transport in Tokamak Plasmas", P.B. Snyder, Princeton Ph.D. Thesis (1999).

"Dissipative Closures for Statistical Moments, Fluid Moments, and Subgrid Scales in Plasma Turbulence" S.A. Smith, Princeton Ph.D. Thesis, 1997.

"Gyrofluid Models of Turbulent Transport in Tokamaks" M.A. Beer, Princeton Ph.D. Thesis, 1994.

"Gyrofluid Models of Plasma Turbulence" W.D. Dorland, Princeton Ph.D. Thesis, 1993. ( pdf backup )

A description of the flux-tube coordinate system we use in our simulations is in:

"Field-aligned Coordinates for Nonlinear Simulations of Tokamak Turbulence", M. A. Beer, S. C. Cowley, and G. W. Hammett, Phys. Plasmas, Vol. 2, No. 7, July 1995, pages 2687-2700.

Similar gyrofluid simulations by our close collaborators, including studies of ExB shear suppression of turbulence:

"Toroidal gyro-Landau fluid model turbulence simlulations in a nonlinear ballooning mode representation with radial modes", R.E. Waltz, G.D. Kerbel, and J. Milovich, Physics of Plasmas 1, 2229 (1994).