Gyrofluid Models of Turbulent Transport in Tokamaks,

M. A. Beer, Ph. D. Thesis, Princeton University (1994).
Copyright by Michael Alan Beer, 1994. All rights reserved.

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Cover Pages, Abstract, Table of Contents, Table of Figures, and Acknowledgements (18 pages)
Chapter 1: Introduction (pages 1-22)
Chapter 2: Derivation of the Toroidal Gyrofluid Equations (pages 23-60)
Chapter 3: Bounce Averaged Electron Fluid Equations (pages 61-80)
Chapter 4: Field-aligned Coordinate System (pages 81-120)
Chapter 5: Nonlinear Results (pages 121-148)
Chapter 6: Comparison with Experiment (pages 149-158)
Chapter 7: Conclusions (pages 159-164)
Appendix A: Old Toroidal Gyrofluid Equations (pages 165-166)
Bibliography (pages 167-178)

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