Nathaniel Ferraro: Publications

Invited Presentations

  1. "Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Fusion Plasmas with M3D-C1." $11^\text{th}$ International Conference on Computational Physics. Hangzhou, China (2019)
  2. "Simulations of Fast Thermal Quenches Using a Two-Temperature Model." Sherwood Fusion Theory Conference. Princeton, NJ (2019)
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  5. "Fluid Modeling of Fusion Plasmas with M3D-C1." SciDAC Conference. Denver, CO (2011).
  6. "Ideal and Non-Ideal Tokamak Edge Stability Calculations." Sherwood International Fusion Theory Conference. Seattle, WA (2010).

First-Author Publications

  1. NM Ferraro, J-k Park, CE Myers, A Brooks, SP Gerhardt, JE Menard, S Munaretto, and ML Reinke. "Error field impact on mode locking and divertor heat flux in NSTX-U." Nucl. Fusion 59:086021 (2019)
  2. NM Ferraro, BC Lyons, CC Kim, YQ Liu, and SC Jardin. "3D two-temperature magnetohydrodynamic modeling of fast thermal quenches due to injected impurities in tokamaks." Nucl. Fusion 59:016001 (2019)
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  12. NM Ferraro, BN Rogers. "Turbulence in low-beta reconnection." Phys. Plasmas 11:4382 (2004)

Other Publications

  1. M Okabayashi, S Inoue, NC Logan, NZ Taylor, EJ Strait, J de Grassie, N Ferraro, J Hanson, S Jardin, RJ La Haye. "A new stabilizing regime of tearing mode entrainment in the presence of a static error field." Nucl. Fusion 59:126015 (2019)
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