CEMM Meeting 22-23 October 2005

Adams Mark, Denver CO

In Conjunction with the APS-DPP Meeting


Breslau: Sawtooth modeling with M3D

Schnack: Sawtooth modeling with NIMROD

Energetic Particle Modes:

Fu: Hybrid developments with M3D

Kim: Hybrid developments with NIMROD

Adaptive Mesh Refinement:

Samtaney: Pellet and gas jet fueling simulations

Numerical Methods:

Sovinec: Numerical Methods for 2-fluid equations

Jardin: Evaluation of C1 elements for MHD

Ferraro: The Gyroviscous Force in the C1 Element Code

Glasser: Progress on a high-accuracy inverse Grad-Shafranov refiner using Spectral Elements

Hientzsch: Progress on Spectral Elements for 2D MHD

Data Management and Visualization:

Klasky: End-to-end solutions for fusion simulations

Sanderson Advanced Visualization of MHD structures

Closure options/model problems:

Callen: Extended MHD Equations

Coppi: Model problems for Extended MHD

Schnack: Gravitational Instability

Neoclassical Closures:

Hegna: Neoclassical and RF closures

Spong: Particle-based neoclassical closure relations for NTM simulations

Held: Inttegral Closures applied to NTM studies

Ramos: Reduced FLR fluid closure with anisotropic temperature gradient

Simulation of Wave Interaction with MHD (SWIM) FSP Closure needs and approach:

Harvey: Use of CQL3d for Ohm's law with ECCD

Batchelor: Needs and Approach for SWIM

Joint session with FSP Center for Plasma Edge Simulation:

Brennan: Progress on ELM Simulations with NIMROD(linear)

Sovinec: Progress on ELM Simulations with NIMROD(nonlinear)

Sugiyama ELM Simulations with M3D

CEMM Business

Jardin: Review progress on CEMM Milestones


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