CEMM Meeting 29 October 2006

Marriott Hotel, Philadelphia, PA

In Conjunction with the APS-DPP Meeting

Jardin: Introductory Comments

Breslau: CDX-U Sawtooth Update

Sovinec: ELM Milestone Summary with NIMROD

Strauss: ELM Milestone Summary with M3D

Ramos: Low-collisionality Orderings in Extended MHD

Samtaney: AMR update and plans

Hientzsch: High Order Spectral Elements in M3D

Lukin: Adaptive mesh algorithm and GEM benchmark with SEL code

Jardin: M3D-C1 update, GEM benchmark, andd moving to 3D

Ferraro: Incorporation of Gyroviscous Stress and verification

Keyes: Scalable solver strategies for MHD

Glasser: Domain decomposition preconditioning

Chacon: On elliptic solves in 3D MHD

Sovinec: 3D Solves in NIMROD

Chen: Scaling Properties of the M3D code from CDX to ITER

Fu: An implicit method for M3D and prospects for large scale hybrid simulations

Held: Towards petascale calculations with numerical closures in NIMROD

Sugiyama MPP M3D and Large Scale Calculations

Sanderson Advanced Visualization update and plans

Coppi: Some two-fluid theory results relevant to L-H transition and drift-tearing


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