CEMM Meeting 1 Nov. 2009

Hyatt Regency Hotel, Atlanta, GA

In Conjunction with the APS-DPP Meeting

Jardin: Summary of ITPA meeting and opportunities for CEMM in ITER

Sovinec: Analysis of implicit leapfrog with the differential approximation, scaling of NIMROD to 10,000p, and NIMROD/ELITE comparisons

Ferraro: Recent developments and stability results with M3D-C1

Breslau: Flow suppression of magnetic islands

Sugiyama: Simulation of Edge Localized Modes

Glasser: Parallel solver developments

Jenkins: Coupled ECCD/MHD modeling using NIMROD, GENRAY, and the SWIM IPS

Strauss: Disruption modeling and wall forces

Izzo: Runaway electron confinement modeling with NIMROD

Takahashi: Kinetic effects of energetic particles on NL resistive MHD stability

Schnack: Giant Sawtooth Simulations

Mandrekas: News from Germantown

Hudson: Are ghost surfaces and quadratic-flux minimizing surfaces the same?

Parker: Progress on Kinetic MHD Algorithms

Held: Implementation and applications of continuum closures in NIMROD

Ramos: An algorithm for long-mean-free-path closures

Callen: Discussion session on kinetic-MHD formulation and computations

Sugiyama: New directions for CEMM and discussion

Zakharov/Wang: Using GTS for simulation of thermal quench and runaways


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