CEMM Meeting 25 October 2014

New Orleans, LA

In Conjunction with the APS-DPP Meeting

Glasser: Resistive DCON and MATCH

J. King: Update on NIMROD modeling of edge modes

Ferraro: Results from 3D model validation

Held: Benchmarks for continuum kinetics in NIMROD

Lyons: Coupled neoclassical-MHD simulations of axisymmetric plasmas

Callen: Fluid and transport modeling of tokamak plasmas

Ramos: Low collisionality, second FLR order ion neoclassiccal theory

Sovinec: Update on VDE modeling with NIMROD

Ferraro: Update on VDE modeling with M3D-C1

Strauss: Toroidal current asymmetry and toroidal rotation in tokamak disruptions

Jardin: Sawtooth-free stationary states in tokamaks

Jenkins: Giant sawtooth modeling

Hudson: Ghost services and island detection


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