CEMM Project Meeting April 25 2004

in conjunction with the Sherwood 2004 Fusion Theory Meeting

Missoula, Montana: April 26-28


Samtaney: AMR calculations and dispersion relation

Glasser: Progress on Spectral Element Code SEL

Barnes: Two-fluid implicit algorithms

Jardin: M3D-C1...an implicit 2-fluid code

Sovinec: Two fluid algoritms

Sovinec: Comments on C1 finite elements

Held: Parallel ion viscous stress

Ramos: Extended fluid models at low collisionality

Breslau: Progress of CDX-U Sawtooth Studies with M3D

Schnack: NIMROD results from CDX-U

Strauss: Resistive Ballooning Modes

Sugiyama: 2-fluid effects

Fu: Energetic Particles Test Problems

Kim: Energetic Particles in NIMROD

Brennan: ELMs and Tearing modes using NIMROD

Sovinec: Alternates modeling

Strauss: Resistive Wall Modes


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