Numerical Simulation Studies of FRC


Elena V. Belova, Ronald C. Davidson, Clayton Myers, Hantao Ji, and Masaaki Yamada,

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton NJ

Recent talks and presentations:

C. Myers APS DPP 2009 poster presentation, Atlanta GA, November 2009
"Three-Dimensional MHD Simulations of Co- and Counter-Helicity spheromak Merging in SSX using the HYM Code"

22th Int. Conf. Geneva, 2008, paper IAEA-IC/P4-3 (International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, 2008)
"Simulation studies of field-reversed configurations with rotating magnetic field current drive"
Innovative Confinement Concepts Conference 2007, College Park MD, February 2007
"Hybrid simulations of rotational instabilities in FRCs"
Innovative Confinement Concepts Conference 2006, Austin TX, February 2006
"Effects of Energetic Beam Ions on Stability Properties of Field-Reversed Configuration"
Abstract and presentation links
APS DPP 2005 Meeting invited talk, Denver,CO, October 2005
"Advances in the Numerical Modeling of Field-Reversed Configurations"

Abstract for APS DPP 2003 Meeting invited talk
"Kinetic Effects on the Linear and Nonlinear Stability Properties of Field-Reversed Configurations"

Invited talk by E. Belova at International Sherwood Fusion Theory Conference, Corpus Christi TX, April 2003.
"Stability Properties of Field-Reversed Configurations"

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