Special Issue of IEEE Transaction on Plasma Science

Invited papers of 2005 Workshop on

Nonlocal, Collisionless Electron Transport in Plasmas

Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey

August 2-4 2005


Table of Content




Basic nonlocal, collisionless effects in plasmas




Igor D Kaganovich, Oleg V Polomarov, Constantine E Theodosiou

Revisiting the anomalous rf field penetration into a warm plasma


Francis F Chen

Nonlinear effects and anomalous transport in rf plasmas


Lev D. Tsendin

The electron diffusion coefficient in energy in bounded collisional plasmas



Andrey Brantov, Valery Yu Bychenkov, Wojtek Rozmus, Clarence E Capjack

Dielectric function and electron transport in collisional plasma




Valery A Godyak


Non-Equilibrium EEDF in Gas Discharge Plasmas


Oleg Polomarov, Constantine Theodosiou, Igor Kaganovich, Demetre Economou, Badri Ramamurthi

Self-consistent modelling of non-local inductively-coupled plasmas


Probe diagnostics



Scott Robertson, Scott Knappmiller, Zoltan Sternovsky

Comparison of Two Microwave and Two Probe Methods for Measuring Plasma Density


Electron transport phenomena in plasma propulsion devices



Samuel A Cohen, Robert F Boivin, Earl E Scime, Nathaniel Ferraro, Xuan Sun, Mahmood Miah, Sy Stange, Nicholas Siefert

On Collisionless Ion and Electron Populations in the Magnetic Nozzle Experiment


Michael Keidar, Isak Beilis,

Electron transport phenomena in plasma devices with ExB drift


Dmytro Sydorenko, Andrei Smolyakov, Igor Kaganovich, Yevgeny Raitses


Modification of Electron Velocity Distribution in
Bounded Plasmas by Secondary Electron Emission



Non-local electron kinetics in direct current discharges



Vladimir I Demidov, Charles A DeJoseph, Jr, Anatoly A Kudryavtsev

Non-Local Effects in a Bounded Afterglow Plasma with Fast Electrons


Evgeny Bogdanov, Anatoly Kudryavtsev, Lev Tsendin

Nonmonotonic spatial profiles of excitation rates in bounded plasmas caused by effects of EDF nonlocality


Scott Robertson, Scott Knappmiller, Zoltan Sternovsky

Energy balance and plasma potential in low-density hot-filament discharges


Zoltan Sternovsky, Scott Robertson

Numerical solutions to the weakly collisional plasma and sheath in the fluid approach and the reduction of the ion current to the wall


Isak I. Beilis

Kinetics of plasma particles and electron transport in the current-carrying plasma adjacent to an evaporating and electron emitting wall


Simulation of Electron Kinetics in Gas Discharges



Tatyana Victorovna Rakhimova, Oleg V. Braginsky, Vladimir V. Ivanov, T. K. Kim, Alexander S. Kovalev, Dmitrii V. Lopaev, Yuri A. Mankelevich, Olga V. Proshina, Anna N. Vasilieva

Experimental and theoretical study of RF plasma at low and high frequency


Alex A Shvydky, Vladimir N Khudik, Vladimir P Nagorny, Constantine E Theodosiou

Three-Dimensional Monte-Carlo/Particle-in-Cell studies of anode striations and cathode ionization wave in barrier-discharges in AC-PDP cell



Ivan Lubomirov Kolev, Annemie Bogaerts


Detailed numerical investigation of a dc sputter magnetron


Vladimir I Kolobov, Robert R Arslanbekov

Simulation of Electron Kinetics in Gas Discharges


Carsten Thoma, Thomas P Hughes, Nichelle L Bruner, Thomas C Genoni, Dale R Welch, Robert E Clark

Monte-Carlo vs. Bulk Conductivity Modeling of RF Breakdown of Helium