CEMM Meeting 14-Nov-04

Westin Savannah


Barnes: NIMROD two-fluid algorithm and calculations

Chacon: PIXIE3D: A Parallel, Implicit, eXtended MHD 3D Code

Glasser: Adaptive Grid Generation for Magnetically Confined Plasmas

Kim: Progress with Particles in NIMROD

Hientzsch: Spectral Elements for MHD

Samtaney: Progress on AMR development and applications


Ramos: Minimal modeling of two-fluid effects in low-collisionality extended-MHD

Callen: Closures for Toroidal Plasmas

Garcia-Perciante: Pressure-Anisotropy Closure

Held: Progress on Numerically Implementable Parallel Closures

Simakov: short mean-free path drift ordered two-fluid plasma closures


Klasky: Joint visualization project

Sanderson Progress and plans for advanced visualization techniques


Breslau: CDXU update and NIMROD/M3D codes comparison

Sugiyama DIII test case

Sovinec DIII test case

Strauss: RWM and VDE simulations

Scott Parker: GK simulation of Tearing Modes

Spong: Optimization of M3D for the Cray X1 and Neoclassical Closures

Bic Hooper: Spheromak simulations

CEMM Business

Kruger/Brennan: Progress on Edge Modeling

Jardin: Review progress on CEMM Milestones


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