CEMM Meeting 13 Nov. 2011

Marriott Hotel, Salt Lake City, UT

In Conjunction with the APS-DPP Meeting

Jardin: Summary of ITPA Meeting

Glasser: A fast, scalable parallel solver for the HIFI extended MHD spectral element code

Montgomery: External resonant error-field penetration and shielding in a periodic cylinder

Ferraro: Progress in linear and nonlinear two-fluid resistive plasma response to non-axisymmetric fields

Jardin: Multiple timescale calculations of sawteeth with M3D-C1

Schlutt: CTH (Auburn Compact Toroidal Hybrid) modeling using NIMROD

sugiyama: New developments in M3D

Strauss: Wall forces produced by JET and ITER disruptions

Breslau: MHD Simulations of Disruptions in NSTX

Jenkins: Coupled IPS-NIMROD/GENRAY simulations of ECCD-induced tearing mode stabilizations

Zhu: Edge current effects on peeling-ballooning instability

King: Drift Tearing Modes in Tokamaks

Brennan: Effects of Energetic Particles on the n=1 beta-limit in hybrid discharges

Held: Continuum kinetics in NIMROD

Lyons: Kinetic equations and neoclassical effects

Parker: 2nd order implicit Lorentz ion MHD

Coppi: Novel Experiments on the H-regime and theory of th equasi-coherent mode consistent with them.


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