CEMM Meeting 28 October 2012

Westin Hotel, Providence, RI

In Conjunction with the APS-DPP Meeting

Jardin: Introductory remarks and CEMM status

Glasser: Use of M3D-C1 velocity representation in HIFI

J. King: Modeling of EHO on DIII-D

Zhu: Plasma response to RMP in unstable pedestal

Ferraro: RMP modeling

Smith: Modeling of RMP Flutter Induced Transport in DIII-D

J. Cheng: Hybrid simulation of multiple islands in magnetic reconnection

Sovinec: Summary of NIMROD 2F Applications

Sugiyama: MHD and compressibility: Sawteeth and snakes

Jardin: M3D-C1 Sawtooth modeling and plans

Ramos: Kinetic-MHD and its quasineutrality condition (as special limit test)

Held: Drift kinetic bulk ions and hot particles in NIMROD

Lyons: Plans for Coupled kinetic and MHD

Jenkins: Simulations of ECCD-induced tearing mode stabilization

Callen: Using Kinetic-Based Closures in Extended MHD codes

Paccagnella: M3D simulations of disruptions and comparisons with experiment

Strauss: Wall forces produced by JET and ITER disruptions


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