CEMM Project Meeting April 25 2006

in conjunction with the Sherwood 2006 Fusion Theory Meeting

Dallas, TX: April 25th 2006


Kruger: NIMROD CDX-U results

Breslau M3D CDX-U results

Fu: The m=1 mode in ITER

Kim: Energetic Particle Results from NIMROD

Strauss: ELM studies with M3D

Brennan: Recent results in Nonlinear ELM STudies using NIMROD

Samtaney: ELM and Pellet STudies with AMRMHD

Ramos: Representation of the Collisional Moments

Barnes: Implicit PIC Hall MHD

Sovinec: Performance-related work and linear two-fluid tearing tests

Hientzsch: High Order Mapped Spectral Elements for 2D MHD

Jardin: Progress on M3D-C1, including gyroviscosity and the gravitational test problem


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