CEMM Project Meeting March 30 2008

in conjunction with the Sherwood 2008 Fusion Theory Meeting

Boulder, CO: March 30th 2008


S. Jardin: News from ITER and ITPA meeting

J. Mandrekas: DOE news regarding SciDAC, FSP, etc.

S. Jardin: M3D-C1 update and 2F reconnection with guide field

J. Breslau M3D new CDX-U results and Error field calculations

C. Sovinec: NIMROD CDX-U update and other NIMROD developments

R. Samtaney: Updates on AMR and Fully-Implicit MHD

J. Ramos: Progress in the two-fluid theory of the tearing mode

P. Zhu: FLR stabilization in extended MHD

L. Zakharov: MHD stability during a disruption

R. Samtaney: Kinetic-MHD coupled simulation of ELM cycles

A. Pankin: NIMROD studies of ELMs

H. Strauss: ELM and RMP studies with M3D

L. Sugiyama: ELM Modeling with M3D

L. Sugiyama: Guiding Center Model in 3D

V. Izzo : RMP simulations using NIMROD

N. Ferraro: 2-Fluid Equilibrium with Flow

E. Held: A new algorithm for the temperature advance in NIMROD.

S. Hudson: Heat conduction calculation using chaotic coordinates

S. Parker Low moment kinetic MHD

T. Jenkins: SWIM Slow MHD campaign


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